Contract-To-Hire Services

Employers and prospective candidates typically find comfort with the contract-to-hire process, as it allows both parties to assimilate to supporting personnel, work duties and overall work environment — minus the obligation of long-term commitment.

Of course, there's a fine line between offering significant perks for short-term employees ... and fostering an unwanted system of high turnover at various levels, thus minimizing workplace symmetry and efficiency. 

TEK BENCH fully understands the immense value of bringing in and ultimately keeping highly qualified personnel. Our core pledge: When applicable, remaining competitive with offers regarding salary, perks and schedule flexibility.



Cyber Security

In this age of political disinformation campaigns and corporate systems hacking, cybersecurity experts are understandably in high demand. As such, these highly skilled and specialized individuals can essentially write their own ticket with prospective employers, often dictating salary, scheduling and logistical terms to interested companies.

TEK BENCH does everything in its power to create consistently thriving markets for its client base of cybersecurity analysts. 

From the corporate side, we're also cognizant of the retention challenges with similar employees, given the various personal goals associated with money, status, prestige, family concerns, geographic location or the inevitable desire to headline a company's entire IT operation. 

Even with all the expected turnover rates, TEK BENCH prioritizes the marketing of individuals with decorated track records of security success, emphasizing a detailed checklist which values cybersecurity strategies, management concepts, risk assessment, user education and security operations. 

Security and Compliance

Dynamic Consultants

It's difficult to understate the importance of identifying and hiring IT security engineers with firms of varying size. TEK BENCH's team of dynamic consultants have been previously tasked with operating and controlling their respective company's entire IT infrastructure.

The monumental duties include: Conceiving, building, defending and securing top-notch scalable systems; overseeing operational data center systems and networks; providing organizational insight to cyber threats; and developing short-term and permanent strategies to protect the networks.

Above all, every strategy dictated by the security and compliance director (reporting directly to upper management) shall reflect the universal acts of monitoring and protecting sensitive data systems from inside/outside intrusions.


Website Content Management

TEK BENCH doesn't favor the look of boilerplate Web sites for its exclusive clientele, particularly with companies seeking aesthetic separation from its competition. Instead, we're all about creating vibrant sites full of color, clear messaging, definitive images, easy-to-navigate access points and concise information for customers.

As part of this process, TEK BENCH has the resources to handle our customers' evolving SEO needs, reaching and expanding core audiences with little disruption to standard workflow. 

Employing crucial tactics such as: Optimizing 'shared' content, enhancing key adwords with title tags, linking out to authority sites, providing seamless transitions to multiple-page documents, updating old blog posts, spotlighting new ones, satisfying per-story word counts, adding images and graphs, embedding keywords in title tags and breaking down the best/worst aspects of a competitor's Web site.

Bottom line: When being strategically disseminated to mass audiences, creative, colorful and eminently correct information still holds tremendous power with blue-chip firms around the globe; and TEK BENCH has the resource tools and necessary infrastructure to ensure timely execution of this process.


Artificial Intelligence

The implementation of artificial intelligence goes deeper than self-driving automobiles and uber-athletic robots being constructed at some of the nation's most prestigious tech labs.

From an every-day standpoint, A.I. has already influenced the financial, legal, healthcare and recruiting fields, among others, through various tools, software and advertising platforms.

TEK BENCH has the expertise to guide prospective A.I. workers through the placement process; and from the employers' perspective, our consultants typically favor a streamlined system of natural-language-technology data analysis, employing text and live-chat features to interact with candidates and employees. 

These customized chatbots reflect the participating company's branding and overall corporate culture, while providing timely insight with on-boarding alerts. Get in touch with one of our expert recruiters today and let's get started.